Makeup Tips According to Your Eye Color

Many women ignore the power of a good makeup because they are not aware of how it can either enhance or ruin their aspect. The way you contour and highlight your eyes has an important part in the way you look so you should pay more attention to it. The following makeup tips will help you achieve the perfect appearance by matching your makeup to your eye color.

Choose the right eye shadow

Regardless the color of your eyes, choosing a color that doesn’t enhance your features can ruin even the most professional makeup, so pay extra attention to this step. Check the guide below to find the perfect combination.
Makeup Tips According to Your Eye Color Picture

  • Cold blue eyes are best embraced by warm sandy tones like champagne, gold, and cream. You can also opt for stronger shades like copper, coral, brown nut don’t forget to use warm tones that will melt the ice in your glacier blue eyes.
  • Green eyes go perfectly well with violet tones from plum to burgundy because these shades make your eye color pop out. During the day, you can also opt for matte brown eye shadow and a plum liner and for the night, you can go wild with hues of purple.
  • Brown eyes are magical because they can adapt to any eyeshadow color. You can opt for both cold and warm tones and you can obtain a wonderful effect by adding a touch of black to the outer corner to intensify your look.
  • Hazel eyes go well with metallic and pastel tones that pop out the sparkle in your eyes. Avoid smokey makeups and go for dusty tones of pink, serenity blue, and gray.

Makeup Tips According to Your Eye Color Picture

Use shimmery eye shadow

Don’t be shy when applying makeup to your eyes and choose a shimmery one for the inner corner of your eyes. This will brighten up your eyes and will enhance their color without ruining the makeup. Shimmery doesn’t mean glitter, especially during the day, but only a light and creamy eye shadow that will brighten the eyes.

Match the liner to the eye shadow

Gone are the days when you had to limit your liner color to black. Luckily, you can now use any color you want but the secret to a good makeup is to match it to the eye shadow color. You can opt for different shades of the same color or you can use complementary colors that will create an even aspect of your eyes.
Makeup Tips According to Your Eye Color Picture

Create balance

Gorgeous eyes shouldn’t be masked by a strong lipstick shade but should be turned into the centerpiece of your makeup. Therefore, if you can praise with astonishing blue or green eyes, highlight them with a perfect eye makeup and use neutral pale colors for the lips. This way, the entire attention will be on your eyes and you will manage to turn heads.