How to Care for Expensive Clothes

If you have plenty of expensive clothes in your wardrobe, you surely are interested in learning how to care for them, how to wash, dry, and store them. This article will tell you all you need o know about taking care of expensive clothing items.

Read the label

Usually, expensive clothing come with a long list of dos and donts written on the label so you will know exactly what are the needs of your precious garments. Therefore, before you start any cleaning process, read the label and see if the item is sensitive to high temperatures, bleaching, or tumble drying.
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Wash carefully

Every piece of clothing should be washed carefully but the expensive ones require even more care because you want to make them last longer and not ruin their fabric. Choose a delicate washing cycle at low temperatures and with a low number of tumbles so the clothes won’t come out all wrinkled.

Consider professional cleaning

In case you have to deal with sequins, applied stones, delicate prints or soft materials like silk and embroidery, it’s best to take the clothing item to a professional cleaner where they will apply a dry cleaning. This will prevent any details from falling off and any colors from spreading over the garment. This also works for expensive men suits that require extra attention and care.
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Dry at low temperatures

If you use to dry your clothes in the dryer, you have to be very careful with your expensive clothes because they might be damaged by the high heat. If the label says you can toss them in the dryer, choose a short cycle and check on them from time to time. Never leave the clothes sit in the dryer for too long because they could get wrinkled and the fabrics could be damaged.

Iron with a clothes steamer

Most clothing items suffer damage when it comes to ironing because the high temperatures and the iron’s sole can burn or stain the items. Therefore, it’s best to use a clothes steamer on delicate fabrics such as silk, satin, organza, natural wool, or embroidery. The clothes steamer applies steam to the wrinkles so the contact with the fabric is minimized.
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Store them properly

How you store the clothes is also important. Place each garment on a separate holder to prevent wrinkles and use covers to protect the most delicate ones. Protect them against moths using scented capsules and keep them away from direct heat and sunlight that could damage the fabrics and colors.