At what age do girls in the US typically start to wear makeup?

We all know that women love spending hours in front of a mirror doing their makeup. Appearance is an important aspect to take into consideration but it is essential to know when to start using cosmetics so as not to damage the skin. Is there a specific age when to start using makeup or you just do it when you feel ready to?

Why Do They Choose Early-Makeup?

Usually, most girls start wearing makeup at young ages especially when they see it at their mothers. They start with the lipstick and maybe some blush but let’s face it who hasn’t tried it?

Girls in the US generally start wearing basic makeup at about 14. But if they have skin issues the age might be earlier. It depends on the ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, too. For instance, Latinas in the US start to use makeup at 12-13 years old. Then as well, girls in the South start using it at the same ages mentioned above. They want to feel more confident, they want to be attractive or maybe they want to impress their friends. They will totally think that will steal the show.

Are They Ready to Wear Makeup?

This is maybe one of the questions that have no fixed answers. It depends on each girl but as a parent, you should tell her what make-up can or can’t do. It will only accentuate the features, it will not change the entire look. So this is why it is important to discuss these aspects because they can have a lot of expectations such as resembling with a TV star.

First Steps in Wearing Cosmetics

This is the moment when girls do not know if their parents allow them wearing make-up, mostly if it is prohibited in school. They start with polishing their nails, applying lip balm, and then farther with lip gloss. But there are some girls that do not cross the lip balm stage. The age of this seems to be between 7 and 16 years old.

Setting a Routine

This means that on some occasions the girl will wear make-up. She will have her own routine, with the already selected make-up products such as mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick. These will be maybe the most used products that she’ll use although they may vary as she grows old.

Tips For A Natural Make-up

After we have discussed the most important aspects of makeup application and also the ages that girls start becoming interested in doing their make-up, here we come with some tips for a natural and beautiful look for every teenager.

  • Cleanse your skin properly and apply the primer
  • Apply foundation on the face and neck
  • Apply concealer below your eyes
  • Apply blush on the cheeks
  • Apply a natural rosy lipstick shade

These 5 steps will help you achieve a natural look and your skin will also be fresh and clear without clogged pores.


After many people were asked if there is a right age to start using cosmetics we have some answers for you:

  • ”I think 12 is ok to leave home with some lip gloss”
  • “12, 13, or 14 – somewhere in the middle school, when they start paying attention at various aspects”
  • ”14, 15 years old – only for special occassions”
  • ”Age 14 – with just little lip gloss and eye make-up”
  • ”Age 12 because is the ideal age to learn and things will change over time”