2015-2016 Fall Winter Fashion Trends

The 2015-2016 fall winter fashion trends will inspire you with hard-hitting punk, graphic black and white, military styling, folksy tribal and an Eighties comeback. This is a continuity of a Seventies Summer which tells a nice story with plenty of influences for Winter 2015-2016, in a celebration of personal style.

The 70’s are big again

Fall 2015-2016 brings big proportions of the retro and bohemian feel on fashion trends. You can also wear turtlenecks, billowing striped pants, velvet cuffed overalls and psychedelic waves with optical stripes to really push the taste limits. You can choose a hippie look, to bring the feeling of nostalgia over and over again. You can be bolder and try a cocoon coat with a vintage dress. Don’t be afraid to wear any color, shape or even an outfit with multiple layers. Moreover, fur stoles may be in trend this year. You can wear a very chic fur stole with a knit sweater and a skirt or you can even try a little black dress with a fur stole.
2015-2016 Fall Winter Fashion Trends Picture

Graphic black and white

Everyone loves black and white. These neutral colors just help you create a chic and simple outfit without any effort. Moreover, you can also wear linear strips, geometric checks, graphic prints and figure-flattering prints. You can also wear a simple black skirt and a white blouse. When you choose a black and white outfit, the most important details are the accessories. You can accessorize your outfit with a black scarf which will add a touch of elegance to it. If you are a fashionable lady, you can wear a white suit and a black blouse. Accessorize this outfit with white stilettos.
2015-2016 Fall Winter Fashion Trends2

Luxury sportswear

The luxury sportswear is a challenge for every lady. Nobody thought that a sportswear could be so chic and appropriate for any non-gym occasion, including the office.
2015-2016 Fall Winter Fashion Trends3
You can add some sportswear details such as polo collars, chunky elastic trims or athletic stripes to your outfit if you want to create a modern and functional look. Plenty of designers, such as Chloe, Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang or Celine have chosen this fusion between sport and luxury.